Coaster seconds for sale

I am selling off all my coaster seconds in groups of 4 -10. All these coasters failed to meet gallery standards. I recommend you zoom in on the images and look for the following:

  • Small blemishes
  • Faded colour or colours different to standard
  • Marks at the edge of the coasters
  • Slight slippage in the two layers of glass that makes the coaster (bit of clear glass at one edge)
  • Coasters slightly larger or smaller than standard.

I have graded the coasters A and B. A coasters are in better condition and cost £2 each. B coasters have more blemishes and cost £1 each. You are buying the set as in the photo.

Postage on top – up to 10 coasters £3.10 up to 30 coasters £4.99

If you are interested in buying any of these please email me at telling me which sets you want. I will sell on first come basis so you may want to state a second preference.